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 “You are not broken.”

-B. Frank

Trauma is not defined by what happens TO you, but about how your brain interprets safety and danger. ANYTHING that is too much, too fast, or too soon can register in your system as trauma. We ALL have it to some degree.

Wait….trauma? But I’ve never been to war or had anything major happen to me. How can I have trauma?

The body never lies. If you are experiencing symptoms, it’s possible that there might be unaddressed trauma.

The good news? Many hear the word "therapy" and think they'll have to re-tell all their stories.  Cutting edge research confirms that is NOT true. You can heal without re-experiencing your past. You can heal even if you can’t remember your past at all.

Trauma is NOT an illness. It is an INJURY, and it CAN heal.


About Britt


As a graduate of both Duke University (BA) and the University of Kansas (MSW), Britt is a trauma specialist who is certified in Somatic Experiencing and is currently enrolled in Level 1 Internal Family Systems training.

She’s also an award-winning adjunct professor at KU and has taught classes on ethics, addiction, and social work practice.

 Britt is a featured mental health expert on podcasts, blogs, and television. Click here to see a list of her media appearances.

 To learn more, visit the About Britt page.



— B. Frank

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